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♫♪ My name’s LEE. ♪♫
HAaahhhhh~..it's been quite a long time.. Hehe.

I made some softsubs for MVs I like (since I can't find the hardsubs)..
To be honest, I prefer watchin' MVs with its (english) subtitle so that I can understand the meaning of the song at the same time.
Here they are~..
(I just upload the softsubs coz I don't own the original MVs! Hehe.)

As One feat. Verbal Jint - Day by Day 2012

Hangul & Romaji: KPop3rsLyrics
English: PopGasa
Timing: ELzie74

Password: naye maeum modu

SEKAI NO OWARI - Starlight Parade

Japanese & Romaji: WaxFruit
English: UtadaFreak22
Timing: ELzie74

Password: seina yoru ni

Standing Egg feat. Han So Hyeon (3rd Coast) - Haes-sal-i Apa (The Sun Hurts)

Hangul: StandingEgg
Romaji: PrincessofTea
English: Yijern
Timing: ELzie74

Password: jaggu nunmul-i naneungeol
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Music: "HOT GAME" by A-JAX
♫♪ My name’s LEE. ♪♫
Finally! My 2nd LJ layout. :]

Flying Cat was made BY A REQUEST. The background image was by yesrushdt-san at Mi9.com as part of "A Girl's Fairy Tale" wallpapers series. Although the appearance of this layout was inspired by Malionette-san's "Mini Heart" at FruitStyle(LJ) or Malionette.org, the CSS overrides codes was by me (I didn't use Malionette-san's).

Style : S2 Flexible Squares
Account : Plus
Resolution : 1280x800
Browser : Firefox (best), Google Chrome, IE
Credit : itisleezone (LEE)


Full Image | Live Preview (temporary)

Installation, CSS Overrides, RecommendedCollapse )

ICONS n BackUp FilesCollapse )

Feel free to customize it on your own, but please keep the credit. :]
You also can find it at mintyapple and freelayouts_s2.
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♫♪ My name’s LEE. ♪♫
06 May 2012 @ 06:49 am
Yeeeyyy~..NEW USERPIC!! ;D

It's NAOTO again!
Hehe. ;p

Although I told before that maybe the next time I'll make ATSUSHI as my userpic..BUT, I can't help crush on NAOTO so much. LoL. XDD

The raw pic's from EXILE EX-PRESS Official Website.
It's from EXILE EX-PRESS program broadcasted at May 5, 2012 (so, just last night).

Other pics from the program at that time are ...
[behind this SPOILER.]
these :

Aaahhh~..my kawaii NAOTO..!! ^^
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♫♪ My name’s LEE. ♪♫
Awww~..today's many updates from my favs.. *excited,excited,so excited!* XDDD

EXILE Will Release Single "ALL NIGHT LONG", on June 20th !

EXILE has just announced that they will be releasing a new single on June 20th!
The single will be titled "ALL NIGHT LONG", and it's described as a catchy dance number. The lyrics will be written by the group's vocalist, ATSUSHI. *kyaaa~..*
"ALL NIGHT LONG" will be available in 2 different versions: CD+DVD and CD-only.
- - - - - - -
Aaahhh ~..but it's still quite a long time..June 20th,right!?
I really can't wait! I wonder..what kind of single it would be, how the song is..the MV..?
NO CHOICE, but have to be patient! Haha.

Source :
Arama They Didn’t, Tokyo Hive, EXILE Official Website

Koda Kumi Will Comeback With a Tour Starting on November 7th !

Kuu-chan will be making her comeback, after giving birth, in November with a live tour that will visit 4 cities and have 7 dates starting November 7th, her birthday. It will be including the prestigious Budokan, in which Kuu-chan has often voiced a desire to perform in. The set list will be decided by fans voting, restricted to paying fanclub members. Tickets go on sale in June.

This is the schedule:
November  7, 2012 Osaka Castle Hall
November  8, 2012 Osaka Castle Hall
November 13, 2012 Tokyo Budokan
November 14, 2012 Tokyo Budokan
November 20, 2012 Aichi NGK Hall
November 21, 2012 Aichi NGK Hall
November 27, 2012 Fukushima Citizens' Cultural Center
- - - - - - -
Kuu-chan's comeback is quite fast..
The delivery, if I'm not mistaken, will happen in June..then, her comeback will happen in November.
Actually, I hope she will spend much more time with the newborn baby.
But, however, I'm happy too she will comeback. Hehee~..

Well, GOOD LUCK, Kuu-chan~..!! For the delivery and the comeback.
Source :
Arama They Didn’t, JPOP Central @ Yuku, Koda Kumi Official Website

Kang Ji-hwan on "Runaway Cop" (K-Movie) !
*will be released on May*

Synopsis :
All he has is smell and a D-line body, but is devoted in catching the bad guys. Detective Cha (Kang Ji-hwan) takes the cover of a model on a runway to solve a case.
Starring :
Kang Ji-hwan, Seong Yoo-ri, Lee Soo-hyuk, Kim Young-kwang, Shin Min-chul, Young Bong-gil.
- - - - - - -
I've watched the trailer..and it's DAMN FUNNY!!! LoL.
- - - - - - -
Here is the trailer by rmfladmf1@Youtube.

And here is some screencaps..

[Show some screencaps...]

I like Kang Ji-hwan just since I watched "Lie to Me" (K-Drama).
However, I had watched the 1st episode of "Hong Gil Dong"..but I can't bear to continue coz of Kang Ji-hwan's role there was a super pervert man! Well, I'll continue it if my heart's ready. Hahahaaa~..

Aaahhh~..I wanna watch this movie..!!
Looking forward to it! Hope it will be really a good movie.

Source :
Omona They Didn’t, Soompi Forum, Han Cinema

IU Will Release Single "Spring at the Age of Twenty" on May 11th !

LOEN Entertainment has confirmed that IU will release a single with three new songs on May 11th, six months since her last album, "Last Fantasy". The title track for the single is "Spring at the Age of Twenty", and IU will release a self-composed song ahead of the single's release on May 4th at midnight.

The "Spring at the Age of Twenty" single will be a special gift for IU's fans for supporting her since her debut, she will perform the title track for the first time at her solo concert in June. It has also been announced that a short movie will accompany the release of "Spring at the Age of Twenty", which may be the video IU previously filmed in Italy. The movie will be different from the typical music video and will have a "documentary" feel.
- - - - - - -
1st time I knew IU, one thing that immediately came to mind is YUI (Japanese singer & songwriter).
I dunno why..
Maybe coz their face, voice, the genre of most of their songs..kinda similiar?? *not sure*
I like YUI too..! Even long..long before I knew IU.

I hope the songs in this single will be good.
Source :
IU Official Homepage, Omona They Didn’t, We Heart IU, Korea Boo


There are some movies I wanna watch.

What movies??Collapse )
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Music: "IN THE AIR" by Koda Kumi
♫♪ My name’s LEE. ♪♫
I made a profile layout that matches the LJ layout that I made ​​earlier.

Credit : itisleezone (LEE)
LJ Layout that matches : just go HERE!


under the cutCollapse )

Feel free to customize it on your own, but please keep the credit. :]
You also can find it at mintyapple and freelayouts_s2.
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Music: "Slow" by Koda Kumi feat. Omarion
♫♪ My name’s LEE. ♪♫
Finally.......it's DONE!! My 1st LJ layout. Hehee.. ^^v

Style : S2 Flexible Squares
Account : Plus
Resolution : 1280x800
Browser : Firefox, Google Chrome, IE
Credit : itisleezone (LEE) and joongie (Masa-san)
Profile Code : just go HERE!


Full Image | Live Preview (temporary)

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HERE YOU GO!Collapse )

Feel free to customize it on your own, but please keep the credit. :]
You also can find it at mintyapple and freelayouts_s2.
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Music: "Hello" by YUI
♫♪ My name’s LEE. ♪♫
12 April 2012 @ 05:59 am
Yesterday, accidentally I found these pics:

Credit: miikochii @ 6theory
Credit: Emmy K. @ 6theory

Back then, suddenly I got "NAOTO ATTACK!"..can't resist from his SUPERB CUTEness!!!
OMG, OMG, OMG..why is he sooooooo kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiii.....!!!!!?? (in his age!)
My heart keeps pounding every time I look at those pics.

Aaaaahhh..he looked so good with kids, didn't he!?
I bet he'll be a good daddy.
(OMG, I want him to be my kids' father..!! LOL.)

I also found these pics..

[Tosaka n Imaichi with their WEIRD drawing. LOL.]
Credit: Emmy K. @ 6theory

NICE try, Tosaka n Imaichi! Hehe. ^^b
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Music: "Love Me Back" by Koda Kumi
♫♪ My name’s LEE. ♪♫

I'm so happy..LOVE n SE7EN will release their new single soon! Moreover, it will be in the very same date, April 25!!
Aaaaahhh..feel can't wait.. I'm looking forward to it!
Hohoohooooo.. ^^

Just one thing make me feel sorry for them..that LDH (LOVE's agency) n YGEX (SE7EN's agency) do less promotion on them (just compare to E-Girls (including DREAM, HAPPINESS, n FLOWER itself as well) of LDH then 2NE1 n Big Bang of YGEX).. In fact, they do have very good voice. Such a big talent! *sigh* -___-;

Well, well..overall, FIGHTING for LOVE n SE7EN..!!! GO, GO, GO..!! Yey! \(^O^)/

See the preview of LOVE's new single "100 nen go no Kimi ni" here (LOVE Official Website) and SE7EN's "LOVE AGAIN" here (Se7en Japan Official Website).
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Music: "FIGHTERS" by Sandaime JSB
♫♪ My name’s LEE. ♪♫
08 April 2012 @ 11:03 am
I've eaten kimchi brought by my big brother-in-law who just came back from Korea.
AND, apparently I don't like it though I like pickles. -___-;
(But thx for gave me that.)

Mood: okayokay
Music: "Loving Ice Cream" (OST. Lie to Me) by As One feat. EZ Life
♫♪ My name’s LEE. ♪♫
Yesterday I've just watched PV of Kubota Toshinobu feat. EXILE’s ATSUSHI for "Golden Smile".
Well..actually, it's an old issue.. (about on the middle of last year,if I'm not mistaken) I happen to just knew it by now,hehe. ;p

The two have were said to have continuously discussed its lyrics, melody,
and arrange until they were satisfied.

It's Kubota Toshinobu feat. EXILE’s ATSUSHI "Golden Smile" PV uploaded by dear-hiro@Dailymotion..

..n this is the screencaps.
It's such a NICE song!

I think..
ATSUSHI without sunglasses is SOOOOOOO KAWAII, isn't he?!!
Hehe. ^^

Then, I was searching for the song. n I've found it! Not too difficult..
It's the download link for the MP3 format (4,75MB).

For more info about this collaboration, simply just check it here and here (Tokyo Hive).
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Music: "Golden Smile" by Kubota Toshinobu feat. EXILE's ATSUSHI